Coconut Palms

Kantharawichai, Maha Sarakham, 44150 Thailand


Contact -  Tel: (+66) 043 789 258 or Line ID: Jiyabone for bookings

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Mahasarakham University


On this page of the Coconut Palms Thailand website you will find some videos showing the grounds and swimming pool. The pool is only 3 years old and the whole resort has only been open for 2 years now. Accommodation is in beautiful bungalows around the swimming pool at the center of the resort. Two further units are being created and will be finished by June 2016 offering a total of 5 independent rooms or bungalows all overlooking the pool. Hotels in Kantarawhichai are not easy to find but there are a few on the main road. None have swimming pools except Coconut Palms unless you go directly into the old part of town and stay at the Big Taksila Hotel (Mahasarakham) which also has a very large Olympic sized pool that all the residents share. Not the best pool experience in the world but it is the only other choice if looking for a hotel with a swimming pool in Maha Sarakham.


Some of the videos on this page are also of the Mahasarakham University as it is the main draw for students all over Thailand. There are literally 1000's and 1000's of students staying in the Maha Sarakham area and it is a small motorbike haven for bike shops and any kind of business that caters for students. Just try to find a parking space near one of the night markets... Watching the students from all over Thailand going out on their bikes at night is an experience to see. Four and sometimes more students all on one bike... no crash helmets and driving like their lives were so temporary and casual... Whole families on one motorbike with a baby holding on for dear life at the front and a dog or two in the front basket and perched on the front or rear is a sight to be seen..


What a mix of life in it's raw and real Thai culture and everyone acts like it is completely normal here. English is rarely heard in this part of Thailand even though it is taught at all the major schools and universities.