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Kayaking Holidays in Thailand - Paddle Boards Thailand on lakes, reservoirs, rivers and in national parks is an incredible experience.


Yoga on Paddle Boards - Nong Bua Lake opposite - Coconut Palms in Kantarawichai, Maha Sarakham.

Kayaking Nong Bua Lake, Kantarawhichai, Mahasarakh Rivers and Lakes in Mahasarakham_Thailand

This next map shows the Nong Bua lake. A short drive south towards the Maha Sarakham University is the River Chi and a kayakers dream for days out with several restaurants along the banks of the river in the wider sections.The River Chi in Thailand stretches for miles and is perfect for Kayaking Holidays in Thailand . About 10 km's is the Kosamphi Forest Park another stunning place to visit with a very complexed network of lakes and rivers. Swimming pools Thailand.



Central Thailand river network with the River Chi and River Mun

Kayaking The Mekong River - Thailand

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Thailand

Coconut Palms - Hotel with pool in Maha Sarakham



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